Will I Be Alone When The Debt Collector Lawyer Takes My Deposition?


Clients often have a lot of fears about depositions and we understand this because it is a new and sometimes strange process.

We ask our clients as we prepare them for depositions “What are your fears or concerns about giving a deposition in your case?”

One comment we hear is that they are afraid that they will be tricked because they will be alone with the other lawyer in the conference room where the deposition is taking place.

Please understand that if we represent you, we will be with you in the deposition. Our role as your lawyer is to object to any improper questions. This is true of any personal injury or consumer lawyer that we know – they will be with you during your deposition.

So please understand that while the process of a deposition may seem somewhat strange, and we address this through our extensive deposition preparation, which can take place over a number of days, you will certainly not be alone. Instead, we will be there with you to make sure that the questions are proper and appropriate.

We hope that this relieves at least the concern about being alone in the deposition and we will have other articles which will discuss other aspects of depositions that we hope you will find helpful as well.

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