Will Alabama Pass Laws To Allow A Credit Freeze To Prevent Identity Theft?


This article discusses a credit freeze and the possibility that Alabama may join other states in allowing a real solution to prevent identity theft:

Shredding sensitive documents, checking your credit often and being extra caution online are the easiest ways to avoid identity theft, but there’s one way called credit freezing that’s easier than all three put together.

“Credit freezing will stop people from actually opening up new accounts without your permission,” says Williams.

Twenty five states have already adopted the service.

Unfortunately it’s not offered in Alabama, but that soon may change.

In the last year a bill has been introduced into legislature that would “allow a consumer to place a security freeze on his or her credit report; to provide a method of releasing the freeze; and to provide for exceptions.”

We suggest you read this entire story by an excellent reporter named Robyn Mcglohn of the Huntsville station WAFF 48.

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