Why We Sue Abusive Debt Collectors


When people ask us what we do we respond “We sue abusive debt collectors.”

Some people like this. Some people don’t. But everyone seems to have an opinion on it…..

Here are some reasons why we sue abusive collectors:

Consumers who owe the debt should pay it but they should not be mistreated by collectors. Just like if you speed, you should take care of that but you would not expect to be beaten or shot just because you are speeding. In the same way, just because you owe a debt does not mean the collector should be unfair, dishonest, treat you with a lack of respect or treat you without dignity.

When collectors abuse consumers, this leads to marriages breaking up, jobs being lost, unnecessary bankruptcy filings to stop the abuse and it also leads to invasions of privacy. These are social ills that are not needed. We can’t stop all of these, but we can help to stop the ones that occur because some collection agency thinks it is above the law and can abuse consumers.

We also sue abusive collectors because the honorable collectors, the ones that follow the law, should not have to compete against cheaters that do break the law. In school we don’t want to be graded compared to a cheater or have our kids compete with cheaters. In sports we don’t tolerate teams that cheat — they get penalized and they lose the benefits (think of a penalty flag in football and what happens). No-where do we tolerate cheating and by suing abusive debt collectors we help to level the playing field so that the honest, respectful, truthful, and dignified collectors can do their job.

Usually after we explain why we sue abusive debt collectors, folks we talk to (no matter their politics or financial situation) “get it” and applaud it.

Unless we are talking to abusive collectors.

Well, they want the other abusive collectors sued so they will be the only ones that can cheat.

Our solution — sue as many of them as we can to help encourage them to change….

If you live in Alabama and are experiencing a debt collector trying to collect a debt from you that isn’t yours, or if you are being harassed by a debt collector, and have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through our website or by calling 205-879-2447.

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