Why Is This Debt Collector So Hateful Towards Me?


Some collectors are just jerks. Plain and simple. But most are under-trained and overworked with too much pressure to bring in money and promises to pay.

It is like we see with our trucking litigation cases – often times the truck drivers are good people but they are put under so much pressure to make the “runs” that they exceed the number of hours or they don’t get enough sleep or they overload their trucks. This, sadly, is true of many collectors. They have an “auto-dialer” that constantly throws calls at them. They are calling people who don’t want to talk to the collector. The collector has no control over his or her time – the calls just keep coming off the auto-dialer.

We say all of this to point out that collectors are often mean and short tempered because the collection agencies have put too much pressure on them to collect money. In these hard economic times, when it is harder to pay collectors, the collectors receive even more pressure to get money in or at least promises to pay. Some, unfortunately, give in to the temptation and become abusive in order to get the money in.

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