Why Alabama Consumers Should File FTC Complaints For Abusive Debt Collectors


We’ve never recommended that FTC complaints be filed for abusive debt collectors because we didn’t think they would do any good. After all, the FTC is not going to personally help you.

But as we were reading the excellent blog SC Bankruptcy and Consumer Law Blog which had a post about recent news from CNN on unlawful collection practices, we thought perhaps we have been wrong.

Sheryl Schelin makes the intriguing point that:

Why You Should File a Debt Collection Abuse Complaint With the FTC
One simple reason: the power of numbers. The more complaints the FTC receives, the better information it has about the scope of a particular problem. And the better the information, the more effective its enforcement activities.

Will a FTC complaint solve your problem directly? Probably not. For that, you need some self-help, or the assistance of an attorney in egregious cases. But you should also file the complaint with the FTC anyway.

This is something to consider if you are suffering from an abusive debt collector. Read the entire article for how to file a complaint with the FTC.

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