What Is A Birmingham, Alabama Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?


There is a lot of news right now about foreclosures and potentially wrongful foreclosures. More and more lawyers (and non lawyers) are claiming they can help.

The non lawyers will give you a “loan audit” or “loan analysis” and tell you all of the laws that were violated in your loan. All of the ones I have seen have been worthless. But not free — typically a thousand or two thousand dollars.

The lawyers all claim to be “Alabama Foreclosure Defense Lawyers” or “Birmingham Foreclosure Defense Attorneys.”

There is even a New York firm that says it will do foreclosure defense in Alabama.

So what is a foreclosure defense lawyer and what can he or she do for you? And how do you find one? You can click on the link to go to a somewhat lengthy article that we think will give you some insight into the answers to these questions.

Do your research and your due diligence. Ask lots of questions. Then take the right action for you and your family.

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