What Do Threats Of Lawsuits By KFC in England Have To Do With Alabama Consumer Lawsuits?


This fascinating post on the Consumerist caught my eye. Here’s a brief excerpt to give you the flavor of this story:

Do not be so bold as to name a menu item “Family Feast,” even if you sell the item once a year on Christmas and you own a tiny pub on top of a remote mountain in England. What? Didn’t you know that KFC’s trademark applies to people who live on top of mountains and own pubs and have their picture taken with sheep wandering around? Tracy Daly is such a person, and she has received a very serious legal threat from KFC over an item on her menu called, “Family Feast.”

I first thought it was just a silly story about a trademark dispute. Then the more I thought about it, the more it represented to me the problem with a lot of large companies. They don’t mind suing on what seems to be incredibly stupid things like this but when consumers who are the victims of Identity Theft, or inaccurate credit reports or victims of harassing debt collectors, the companies sued start sputtering about frivolous lawsuits and how consumers suing will bring down the economy.
Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?

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