What should I do if I dispute credit errors and I don’t receive responses back from the bureaus?


What should I do if I dispute credit errors and I don’t receive responses back from the bureaus?

What should I do if I dispute credit errors and I don't receive responses back from the bureaus?

In one of our recent live Q&A sessions over on Youtube, a viewer said they had disputed credit report errors, but had not received any response or proof from the credit bureaus.

When you look at your credit report and find inaccurate information, information that is not true, you should dispute it

If you see that Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are all inconsistent, this is a problem.

It can be frustrating to take action to fix this and receive no response. 

What should you do if you’re in this situation?

Be sure to keep proof of your dispute.

It is helpful to be able to send a dispute letter to all three bureaus and say, “Which one is really true? Was I really late this month? How many days late was I? Is the balance $5,000 or $6,000?”

Make sure that when you submit a dispute, you have proof of what you disputed and proof that you sent the dispute. 

If you send the dispute by mail, make sure you keep a copy of the letter. 

We recommend sending your dispute through certified mail as an additional layer of proof. 

If you submitted an online dispute, save a copy of what you disputed online.

If you disputed by phone, this would be harder to prove unless you recorded the call

However you submitted your dispute, you want to be able to show exactly what you disputed and be able to match it up with the results of the investigation.

If you submitted a dispute and there was no result of investigation, it may mean the bureaus are claiming they never received the dispute. 

However, if you saved the green certified mail receipt, the fax confirmation, etc. then you can show that they received the dispute. 

You just need to prove the dispute you made, when it was received, and the results of the investigation.

If they still are not fixing very apparent errors, ultimately you will need to look at suing the credit bureaus for this.

Contracts and purchase agreements can only be requested if they relate to your specific dispute.

If you are requesting the contract in your dispute, there needs to be a specific reason for doing so.

If the account is through for a Capital One credit card and you know you have this card, there is no question about you having that Capital One account.

So, there would not be a reason for you to request proof that you have this account. 

When we ask them for a copy of the contract we need to have a reason for it in our dispute – perhaps it is a dispute about the amounts or the interest. 

We need a reason to explain why we would need the contract.

We hope this is helpful to you!

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