Video – When Multiple Debt Buyers Claim To Own The Same Debt!




We’ve already discussed that debt buyers can legally buy your old debt but this doesn’t mean it can prove it owns your debt. One huge problem is that more than one debt buyer can claim to own your debt. Folks, that’s impossible!

Only one company can own the debt. If two claim to own it then one is lying or both are lying. The records kept are so sloppy and so incomplete often these debt buyers who so arrogantly claim “Of course we own this debt – how dare you suggest otherwise!” start stumbling all over themselves when they get caught lying.

This is why you should never assume the debt buyer truly owns your debt – you don’t know and the lawyer suing you on behalf of the debt buyer doesn’t know. Make the debt buyer itself prove it owns the debt.

If you would like more information about how to do this in Alabama, check out our free report on the Five Secrets Debt Buyer’s Don’t Want You To Know About, contact us at 205-879-2447, through our website. We wish you the best!


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