Video – Overview Of Proving Fraud In Alabama




Debt collectors and mortgage companies (including mortgage servicers) often use fraud against Alabama consumers.

In this video I give you an overview or big picture look at what fraud is in Alabama and what you have to prove in order to be successful in a fraud lawsuit or counterclaim.

We have found the fraud law to be a powerful weapon against debt collectors who lie (for example to obtain a payment from you) and especially against mortgage companies who lie about stopping a foreclosure, etc.

The four basic requirements include:

*Mis-statement or a lie;
*Concerning a material (important) fact;
*Your reliance upon the lie is appropriate (you did not close your eyes to the truth); and
*The fraud actually damaged or harmed you.

I hope this has been helpful – we will include more information on fraud but hopefully this is enough to give you a quick overview.

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