Video On Three Stages Of Foreclosure In Alabama


As an Alabama foreclosure defense lawyer I talk with a lot of consumers about “foreclosure.”

People will call me and say “I’m dealing with a foreclosure” but I don’t always understand what they mean.

The reason is sometimes they mean their house has already been foreclosed. Sometimes they mean the foreclosure sale was today. Other times they mean they are behind on their payments and foreclosure is coming.

I made this short video to explain the big picture of the three stages of foreclosure. I’ll shoot some additional videos to explain each stage in more detail but here are the three stages:

1. Before the foreclosure sale date;

2. The actual foreclosure sale date; and

3. After the foreclosure sale date including the ejectment lawsuit to eject (or evict) you from your home.

If you would like more information about foreclosures in Alabama, here are some resources:

1. Our detailed blog post on 7 questions to ask before hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer;

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3. consumer guides; and

4. Our two books on foreclosures – Stopping Wrongful Foreclosures and 5 Most Common Mistakes Alabama Consumers Make When Sued For Ejectment. These are available for free for Alabama consumers.

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