Veteran Pension — Differences In VA and Medicaid Medical Care


One difference in the VA Pension (or aid and attendance) and Alabama Medicaid is in where the money (the benefits) can be spent or used.

With Alabama Medicaid, the money can only go towards care in medicaid eligible facilities. The money is paid directly to the facility by Medicaid. We are talking about nursing homes when we speak of long term care under Alabama Medicaid.

With the VA pension benefits for wartime veterans (or surviving spouses) who are either over 65 or 100% disabled (non service related), the benefits can be used anywhere. Any assisted living facility, home health, etc.

Medicaid looks at the need and says “As long as you get treatment here, we will pay.”

VA looks at the need and says, “OK you are entitled to this money per month to satisfy that need.”

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