Tort Reform – For Everybody But The Champions Of Tort Reform?!


We have spent many years handling personal injury and wrongful death cases for Alabama residents and have often heard the tort reform zealots bemoan “big lawsuits”. When we read in the Legal Juice this story about former supreme court nominee and tort reformist Robert Bork, it did not surprise us – see he is suing over a slip and fall for over one million dollars plus the “horrible” punitive damages!

We have often observed that those who preach the loudest against tort reform (insurance companies, executives, etc) will sue in a heart beat if they feel anybody has “done them wrong”.

Read the full story here which also contains the complaint filed this month. The irony is so thick you can cut it….

PS – read here for a fascinating discussion among tort reformists arguing over whether Bork’s suit is an embarrassment or not to those attacking plaintiff’s attorneys and anyone who files a lawsuit. Its good stuff.

Final PS – we certainly sympathize with Bork’s injury and don’t begrudge him the right to seek justice before a jury…. we just wonder if now perhaps he is more sympathetic to those normal people who are hurt or cheated…. Time will tell….

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