Top Ten Technologies For Older Drivers


The LA times has an interesting article about technology that can help older drivers. Here is a quote which may surprise you on the number of drivers we are talking about:

With plenty of attention being paid by safety groups, government agencies and automakers to curbing distracted driving by teens while bringing to autos the technologies that appeal to youths, it’s easy to overlook the needs and concerns of a much larger group of drivers; those over 50.

Consider the numbers: there are about 9.5 million licensed drivers under the age of 20. Drivers over 50? About 88.7 million, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Some of the more interesting technologies:

*Warning if driver is sleepy *Lane warning — if you go outside your lane *Backing up monitor so you don’t back into something (works with the backup camera)
*The one that is supposed to be the best is one that changes your headlights between low and high beam.

You can see the top ten list in a photo gallery here.

(Thanks to the Maine Center for Elder Law for alerting us to this article.)

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