Third Party Contact (Neighbors & Co-Workers) – Why Debt Collectors Break The Law


Debt collectors illegally call third parties – that is, neighbors, family, co-workers, ministers, etc – for one reason and one reason only – because it is effective in getting Alabama consumers to pay money.

Collectors often say “It must be ok to do this because look how effective it is in getting people to pay!” OK – so would killing the consumer’s dog, I suppose. Or shooting the windows out of the consumer’s house. Effective and legal do not always go together!

Collectors call neighbors and co-workers to embarrass and humiliate Alabama consumers and force them to pay. It is appropriate to collect legitimate debts in a legitimate manner but just because something is effective does make it right.

If you have a debt collector or debt buyer who has been calling third parties then you know how effective it is. How disturbing it is and embarrassing that it is. You have an option – contact us to talk about what your options are in suing the abusive debt collector. It is not only legal – but highly effective – to sue abusive debt collectors who break the law.

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