They All Laughed When I Said I Would Fight Back Against The Big Mortgage Company’s Foreclosure Of My Home


This is what consumers around the country face – people laugh and say “there is no way you can fight a giant mortgage company that has already foreclosed on your home!”

But when homeowners fight back – smartly and powerfully – when the mortgage companies feel the pain of answering for their evil deeds . . . the laughing stops….

You see people just assume . . . the mortgage companies just assume . . . that there is NOTHING you can do when a national mortgage company (you know – those “too big to fail” type of places?) decides to foreclose on you . . . and then decides to sue you to kick you out of your home.

If you dare to think out loud that there might be something you can do . . . that there must be something you can do . . . that surely this type of injustice can’t keep going . . . then people will love to tell you how wrong you are.

Tell you that you have no chance . . .

Tell you that these mortgage companies hire the most expensive lawyers and have unlimited resources to fight you . . .

So why in the world would you think you could fight back?

This is where the laughing and snickering and the “you are so naive” head shaking goes on.

But remember this – its easy to sit on the sidelines and be critical. Be negative.

Those people aren’t important in your decision on whether to fight back against the big mortgage companies. Or I guess I should say their “opinions” are not important.

If you believe you have a legitimate case. If you believe it makes sense for you to fight the mortgage companies. If you have met with a skilled foreclosure defense lawyer who you believe in and who believes in you and your case.

If you have all of that, then who cares about those negative “nay sayers” on the sidelines who are pulling up a chair to “watch you fail” – to watch you be brought back to their miserable level.

Thousands of years ago there was a ferocious enemy. He was huge. Well equipped. Well trained. Unstoppable.

Those who thought of opposing him wilted and hid.

But then there came someone who believed. Believed that he could defeat this giant. Believed that God was with him and the giant could be brought down.

People laughed at him.

Doubted him.

Even his own brothers.

But you know what? He grabbed a slingshot. He ran towards (not away) the giant. The giant was better equipped and had the odds in his favor.

But a slingshot and a single stone . . . placed in the right spot – right between the eyes – and guess what that giant did?



Those who laughed and made fun of that shepherd boy?

Oh they cheered him now.

Remember this – those on the sidelines are so quick to change their opinion . . . so if you know you have been wronged and believe that you have the ability to win . . . then let that laughter and mocking fade into nothingness.

Get prepared and run towards that giant. . . .

Best wishes
John Watts

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