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There was an excellent article a week or so ago regarding the benefit of using a geriatric care manager if you are dealing with older family members who are having difficulties either physically, mentally, or financially because of poor health.

It will be worth your time to read the entire article but here are few hilights to show the value of this article and the premise of paying for a geriatric care manager:

Linda Fodrini-Johnson, a columnist for the weekly community newspaper in Orinda, Calif., addressed these issues in a recent column ( discussing what to do when elderly parents resist all your suggestions. “Sometimes learning a different approach can make the difference in achieving the results you would like for your parents,” she writes. “Hire a geriatric care manager to assist with transitions and supervise the quality of help.”

Let’s move on to the “penny wise and pound foolish” discussion. Yes, GCM professionals will charge an hourly rate or perhaps a fixed rate with a menu of services to you and your family. If you were a fly on the wall of our law office, and you saw firsthand the costs of inappropriate placements, duplication of services, unnecessary hospitalizations and how expensive it is to do it wrong the first time, you would understand as I do, the economy of using the services of an expert before rushing out to accomplish on your own something for which you have never been trained.

This article by one of the lawyers at Byrd and Byrd in Maryland makes some very good points. Get the help you need as soon as you know you need it — otherwise it may be significantly more expensive and difficult to “fix” problems that could have been prevented on the front end.

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