The Victim of Identity Theft Went To Jail


In this bizarre story, the victim of Identity Theft went to jail. Certainly a reminder that we all need to be careful with our personal information and if there is any hint of danger of Identity Theft we should act on it as soon as possible.

“I was booked, I was strip-searched, never had any conflict with the law before,” she said.

The problem began at a gas station in Tacoma. Gosnell stepped out to pay, but left her car door unlocked. Two minutes later, she returned to find out her purse had been stolen. It contained every piece of her identity inside.

Gosnell admits she made a stupid mistake when she didn’t lock her doors. But it wasn’t until police stopped her for speeding that she learned a thief had gotten hold of her credit. The thief had opened fake accounts and had written bad checks.

When the police ran Gosnell’s information, they found two warrants out for her arrest. And an innocent Gosnell had to spend a night behind bars.

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