The Two Reasons Why Abusive Debt Collectors Are Disgustingly Arrogant


Abusive debt collectors operate from a place of intense arrogance toward consumers. They are arrogant because of two reasons:

1. You don’t know the law and don’t know they are breaking the law; and 2. Even if you know, you won’t do anything about it.

Example Of Arrogance
Here’s the best example I can think of – why do collection agencies leave voicemails where they break the law? Think about it – why would a law breaker want to record their lawbreaking? The abusive debt collector is saying “I want you to have a permanent record of me breaking the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act!” Either they are stupid or they are arrogant and don’t think they will get in trouble for it.

Abusive debt collectors are many things but typically they are not stupid. They act in a way that leads to you paying them money, whether you truly owe it or not.

So This Leaves Us With Arrogance.

Arrogance that you don’t know when they are breaking the FDCPA or state law. Arrogance that you don’t know that it is illegal to threaten to have you arrested or to call your neighbors or family members or to lie to you, etc.

And arrogance that even if you know the collection agency is breaking the law you won’t be willing or able to do anything about it. Arrogance that you can’t find a lawyer to help you. Arrogance that you won’t take the time to document the abuses, save the voicemails, get the statements from your neighbors who have been called, etc. Arrogance that you won’t sue these jokers and make them pay for breaking the law.

Why The Arrogance?
What gives them the belief they can get away with abusing you on your phone, or threatening to sue you after you have won your collection case against them, or keeping false credit information on your credit reports, etc?

They get away with it. All the time. Well, nearly all of the time. So when they do something wrong and almost always “get away with it” and violating the law makes them a ton of money, why stop?

Putting morals and right and wrong aside, it makes good economic sense the way that abusive debt collectors run their business. That’s why a lot of the owners of these places live in mansions and drive fancy cars. Remember they aren’t stupid – they are being very deliberate in breaking the law in order that they can illegally profit off of you.

Three Step Solution
You want to stop them? You want them to stop harassing you? Three steps.

First, learn about your rights. Read this blog, our website, attend our seminars, research the law on line, etc.

Second, document the abuses. Use the collection log that Pete Barry (fantastic FDCPA lawyer in MN) developed. If it is legal, record their calls – we don’t think its necessary but if you do it legally then it can be a big help in your case. But whatever you do, document every bit of contact you have with the collection agency.

Third, when appropriate, sue them. Sue them under state law. Or the FDCPA. Or the FCRA. Or all of these. But sue them.

Do your part to stop the arrogance of these abusive debt collectors by suing them to protect yourself and the community. Feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or through our website.


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