“The Most Dangerous Man In America”


Shamethebanks.org has posted an article about “the most dangerous man in America,” but it isn’t who you would expect. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has been dubbed the most dangerous man in the country. The article says that Dimon is only dangerous because “the people in charge let him be.” Even so, Chase is responsible for creating 15 long months of loan modification chaos through something that looks similar to a monopoly.

Chase is worth something like 2 trillion dollars. Why does any corporation need to be that big, and what do you think their influence can be on our country, let alone the world? Money brings power, and this is too much power. We have already seen the abuses it can wreak, from the unfettered raping of the American Dream to the influence on the committee in Washington that recently proposed a financial reform bill that is essentially lackluster.

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