Sued by a debt collector: why pull my credit reports 90 days after case is dismissed?




So when we represent you and the debt collection lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice, why do we want you to pull your credit reports 90 days later?

Because in the settlement agreement, the debt buyer or debt collector agreed to delete its credit reporting against you on the account it sued you for — and we want to make sure it has actually done this.

(Or if they weren’t credit reporting, we want to make sure they haven’t started).

We “trust but verify” that they are doing the right thing. Rarely, we find the debt collector not keeping its promise or even trying to collect on the debt again. When this happens, we often will sue the debt collector in federal court. But we won’t know unless we can look at your credit reports and we also need you to keep us informed if the collector is still collecting on this debt.

You can pull it from or you may need to buy a report.

Let’s just make sure you are getting the benefit of the settlement.

So send us your reports and we can verify that the credit reporting is off. If it is on there, we’ll help you fix this right away.

This is the final step of this journey so thank you for letting us help you!

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