Sued by a debt collector: what does the dismissal with prejudice mean?




Your case is over! Congratulations! Continuing our series on Alabama debt collection lawsuits, let’s look now at what happens now that the court has now dismissed your case with prejudice.

As soon as we get the order, we send it to you so you can have it in your hands. This is what we have been waiting for — the actual order saying the case is over. It is done. Dismissed WITH prejudice which means you can never be sued again on this debt.

It also means that this account needs to be removed from your credit report — in other words, if the debt buyer (say Midland Funding) sued you, and then dismissed the case with prejudice, then Midland Funding can’t be on your credit report related to this account.

You should never be collected on this account ever again.

This is truly over and behind you.


We do want you to check your credit reports in about 90 days so we can make sure this is off of your credit reports and we’ll cover this in our next blog post/video.

For now . . . enjoy this victory knowing this case is over. You faced a huge danger being sued but you answered the lawsuit, you got the collector to agree to settle, you signed the settlement agreement, a motion to dismiss with prejudice was filed, and now the case is over.

Let us know if you have any questions!

We hope you find this and the other posts in this series helpful and if we can help you, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or click on the red button below and we’ll get right with you.

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