Sued by a debt collector: what is the motion to dismiss with prejudice?




Continuing our series on being sued by a debt buyer, your case is now settled and we send you a copy of a “motion to dismiss” — what does this mean?

This is where the debt collector has asked the court to get rid of the lawsuit.

A “motion” is simply where one party asks the court to do something.

Here it is to dismiss or make the lawsuit go away.

And it is with “prejudice” which means the lawsuit will be finished — done — no more lawsuits to come. In a sense it is the same as winning the lawsuit. The collector can never sue you for this debt again and can never transfer the debt to anyone else.

Once the judge grants the order (next article/video) then the lawsuit is truly over. Often this happens the same day or within a few days of the motion being filed.

You are almost there so congratulations!

Thanks for letting us help you with this collection lawsuit.

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