Sued by a debt collector: what happens after we file an answer for you?


You have been sued and now we have filed an answer for you. What happens next?

We send you a copy of the answer. And we reach out to the collection lawyer to let them know that we are in the case and normally we give them the option of settling or going to trial.

Settlement means:

1. You pay the debt collector nothing;

2. The debt buyer deletes its credit reporting on you;

3. The case is dismissed with prejudice; and

4. You agree not to sue the debt buyer/debt collector.


We don’t always give this choice to the debt collector but often we do.

Then it truly is up to the debt collector what it wants to do — take the settlement or go to trial.

Normally we get a trial date if we are in Small Claims or District Court. (If we are in Circuit Court we normally get a status conference).

We let you know as soon as we hear from the court.

We’ll cover what happens if the case does not settle — do you need to be at trial?

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