Sued by a debt collector: welcome to our series of posts and videos….




We have a total of eleven articles (including this one) about the process of being sued by a debt collector in Alabama and hiring us to represent you. These blog posts are for our clients but we often have questions by lawyers and other consumers how we handle various parts of the defense of a debt collection suit so we are making this public.

We hope this is helpful to you.

Here is what we will cover (we’ll make each of these a hyperlink when we add each post):

1. Do I need to come to your office or can we do a consultation over the phone?

2. How do I hire you to defend me in a debt collection suit?

3. How do you file my Answer to the lawsuit and how do I get a copy?

4. What happens after you file my Answer for me?

5. If the case does not settle, do I need to be at trial?

6. What happens when we settle the debt collection suit against me?

7. What is a settlement agreement in the debt collection case?

8. What is the motion to dismiss with prejudice?

9. What happens after the court dismisses my case with prejudice?

10. Why should I pull my credit reports 90 days after my case is dismissed with prejudice?

We hope you find these helpful and if we can help you, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or click on the red button below and we’ll get right with you.

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