Sued by a debt collector: how do we file an answer in court?




So you have consulted with us, hired us, and now is the time for us to file an answer to the debt collection lawsuit filed against you.

We file the answer — the response to the lawsuit — electronically through “AlaFile” which is our electronic filing system with court. This almost immediately gives us a “stamped filed” copy back from the court that shows the exact time and date of the filing of your answer.

This is key as when your answer is filed, there is no default judgment against you and instead you will get a trial date.

We send you a copy of the answer by email (and usually by mail also) so that you can have it in your hands. So that you know that your answer/response has actually been filed.

For most people, they feel a huge sense of relief when they know their answer has been filed.

Now the next step is to see what the debt collection company wants to do — does it want to settle or go to trial? We’ll talk about that in our next blog post in this series.

We hope you find this and the other posts in this series helpful and if we can help you, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or click on the red button below and we’ll get right with you.

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