Sued by a debt collector: how clients hire us




We are often asked, “OK, so if want to hire you to defend me in a debt collection suit, how does that happen?”

The short answer is there are two things that happen.

First, you sign a contract hiring us.

Second, you pay us.

Signing a contract.
You can sign it in our office.

We can mail it to you.

We can email it to you and you print it out and sign.

Or most our clients use “Docusign” where you can sign it electronically on your phone or tablet or computer without needing to find a printer/scanner. No need to download any software — its very easy to us.

Bottom line is we want to make this as convenient as possible for you.

You pay us.
You can mail us a check or most folks use an online payment method. We include this link with your contract.

So again, whatever is easiest is fine for us.

We hope you find this and the other posts in this series helpful and if we can help you, feel free to call us at 205-879-2447 or click on the red button below and we’ll get right with you.

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