Our friend Denise Richards, of, has posted an article about Sidejacking. Sidejacking is a threat that is not really new, but many people still don’t know about the risk that can lead to identity theft.
Sidejacking occurs when a person hacks into a wireless internet connection and steals your personal information. Websites like Facebook, Myspace and various emails through search engines are at risk of being hacked if you login on wireless connections at public locations such as airports, coffeeshops, hotels, etc.

The sidejacker does not gain access to your specific username and password, but he does obtain the unencrypted session ID that is transmitted over the wireless connection from the website back to you. If the hacker gains access to the session ID, then he can enter the session and gain access to most of the information in your account.

However, sidejacking doesn’t attack your computer like a virus or spyware, therefore, the hacker doesn’t have access to every piece of your information. You can protect yourself from being a victim of sidejacking by avoiding the wireless internet provided in public places while you’re out. If you must use the internet on a public connection, try to avoid checking your bank account and other important accounts. You can check the security settings on your router at home to further protect yourself.

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