Should You Take A Collection Attorney Seriously?


There is an intereting blog by a Collection Attorney called simply Debt Collection Lawyer that is interesting to read. In particular is an article entitled “Tools of the Debt Collection Lawyer”.

Of particular note is the statement that

If the debtor does not file a formal written answer, a default judgment can be taken. Most debtors, upwards of eighty five percent, are simply unequipped to deal with the complexities and requirements of the Court system. Those attempting to represent themselves simply do not stand a chance. Therefore, judgments are taken without dispute in approximately eighty five percent of the suits I file. Of the remaining fifteen percent, approximately ten percent result in judgments following a futile attempt by a pro se (no attorney) debtor to fight the system, and only five percent result in true contests where the outcome is not certain.

In our experience it is true that most people who are sued do not respond and so approximately 8 or 9 out 10 people default, regardless of whether or not they really owe the money.

So, should you take a debt collection attorney seriously? Absolutely. Should you take a lawsuit seriously? Without a doubt. We will post more on this subject in our blog but on our website we do have a page that deals with being sued that might be of interest to you.

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