Should You Hire A Lawyer Who Illegally Solicits Your Injury Case?




One unfortunate reality in Alabama is if you have a potential personal injury or wrongful death claim due to someone else’s negligence, you will likely be solicited in an unethical manner by lawyers.

The typical way is an “investigator” will contact you to say he has some wonderful information from the police officer, from the paramedic, etc. and he wants to share this with you. But you will need to meet with his lawyer, who is the greatest Alabama car wreck/truck wreck/train wreck lawyer around.

In one case, someone claiming to be a paramedic called our client after her mother died when a Fed Ex truck ran a red light and killed her. This “paramedic” said he held our client’s mother’s hand and she whispered some last words, just for her daughter. He felt “duty bound” to tell her the last words of her dying mother.

Very nice, eh?

Oh yeah, and he wanted to meet our client and he would just so happen to have the greatest lawyer in Alabama who handles Fed Ex trucking death cases.

Wow, an amazing coincidence.

To solicit you in person (as opposed to a TV ad) is illegal and unethical.

A lawyer risks losing his law license to do this.

Why would he or she do this?

Seems to me they must be desperate enough for business that they will lose their entire career.

I can’t tell you who you should hire or not hire. But if someone is so desperate for cases that they will risk their career, perhaps you should question how they can be so good (remember they are “the best lawyer in Alabama!”) but they don’t have any cases.

My suggestion is you check people out. See what information they will offer you. See if they pressure you. I think you’ll find that the unethical lawyers have the same type of reputation with the insurance companies and the judges.

If you have been injured or a family member has suffered a wrongful death, then take your time and be wise in your decision on who will represent you.

We wish you the best in your difficult time.

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