Sheila Smoot’s Tips For Tornado Victims In Alabama


Sheila Smoot is a friend of mine and she has a new website that will have lots of information about her new TV show “Your Side With Sheila Smoot”.

You will find consumer tips about what to do if you are dealing with tornado issues that are affecting so many in Alabama and other southern states. In the articel Sheila and her team include information on “crooks showing up at your door” as well as “the need for renter’s insurance” and “insurance: your steps following a storm”.

You can also find information about various individuals who help consumers (“consumer squad”) including a consumer lawyer who bears a striking resemblance to me… 🙂

Keep an eye on her website and her show which is broadcast on CBS 42 on Saturdays at 11 am CST. You can also read about her various accomplishments here.

Those of you who remember her previous journalism career remember the bad guys hated when she showed up to interview them…. I don’t think that will change as she is still “on your side”.


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