Rise In Medical Identity Theft


NPR.org has posted an article that discusses the dangers of medical identity theft and how you can better prevent it. Medical identity theft can not only affect consumers’ credit scores, but also puts their personal safety at risk. The identity thief can provide false information, like blood type and medications, that can later affect the actual insurance holder

.”We’ve had people who, all of a sudden, their health care record has different blood types,” Dixon says. “They have health care records with different genders and ages. Different medications. There are people we’ve talked with who, their imposter went in and had a hospital stay and put down that they were allergic to one drug, and then the real person is not allergic to that drug, but they’re allergic to other drugs.”

Health care workers have found that asking patients to tell them their medical history can help throw and identity thief off. Often times, they will stumble over or mess up information on the patient’s medical chart.

Nearly all cases of this kind of identity theft are “insider jobs.” Employees like accountants and receptionists have easy access to patient records. It’s a good idea to get a hardcopy of your medical chart, even if a fee is charged, so there is a way to prove what the chart used to look like should it be falsely altered later on.

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