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We have made a number of posts about Identity Theft that primarily deal with the financial type of theft – someone opens a credit card in your name, takes out a loan in your name, etc. This story yesterday from the Courier News (Chicago area) discusses criminal identity theft:

One lawyer calls it “a case from hell.”

An average law-abiding citizen applies for a job, but is turned down because a background check isn’t clean.

Landlords deny the lease for an apartment and other red flags come up when the check is done.

The problem is, this person did nothing wrong.

Instead, someone else being charged with a crime gave the name and personal information of this unfortunate citizen.

This is called criminal identity theft. It’s not as publicized as financial identity theft, but it can haunt a victim for life.

According to Christie Fischer, assistant defender in the office of the State Appellate Defender of Illinois, 60 percent of the calls she receives are about these kinds of matters — people trying to clear up their background information after someone has used their names and details when charged with a crime.

Please read this article for more information on this problem. We will post more on how to correct this problem in a future post. There is no perfect solution but you do have options that can help.

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