Practical Steps For Disputing National Credit Solutions (Movie Gallery) Bogus Debts


We have received a tremendous amount of response to our blog post on what National Credit Solutions, a debt collector, is doing to Alabama consumers related to alleged Movie Gallery fines and late charges.

As we mentioned, if you owe the debt then pay it.

But, if you are like many of the people who call us, and do not owe the money, what do you do?

We suggest sending a letter, certified mail return receipt requested, along these lines:

National Credit Solutions
Trans Union
[whichever credit reporting agencies are showing this on your report]
[get addresses off of credit reports as they change frequently]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was surprised to find this National Credit Solutions account [put account number] on my credit reports as I did not and do not owe Movie Gallery any money for any movie rental.

This is a bogus account that is greatly damaging my credit report.

Either remove this account as I dispute that it is mine or that I owe it, or have National Credit Solutions prove in writing that I owe this amount. I’m sure that you want to see, just like I want to see, the documents proving that I rented the movie(s) National Credit Solutions claims I did and that I was late or never returned them or whatever the story is from National Credit Solutions.

National Credit Solutions has apparently made it a practice to put false accounts on credit reports according to information I have found. Please remove this from my credit reports and never allow this account to be placed back on my credit reports.

If you are in any way confused by this letter or don’t understand what I’m asking you to do, please contact me in writing.

Thank you for promptly correcting my credit report.

Name Address DOB Last 4 of SS#


Keep a signed copy and keep the green cards that come back.

By sending the letter to National Credit Solutions, you put them on notice in writing that you dispute this debt and want it off.

If the bogus account (remember if you owe it, you need to pay it) remains on your credit reports, you can look at suing under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

If you live in Alabama, please feel free to contact us through this blog or through our website or by calling 205-879-2447.

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