Washington Attorney General Sues Insulting Debt Collector


Congratulations to the Washington Attorney General, Rob McKenna, for suing Topco Financial, a debt collector for the following reason:

Representatives of Topco Financial Services, Inc., allegedly called debtors names such as “loser,” scum,” “plight on society,” “no good,” “lowlife,” “deadbeat,” “worthless,” or “terrible parents,” as well as profane names not suitable for print.

That kind of language isn’t just abusive – it’s illegal. It’s also the type of unfair business practice that can make it harder for legitimate collectors who play by the rules to do their job.

We see too many cases of abusive debt collectors. They often will do anything to make us emotional – angry, embarrassed, scared, etc. Using profanity or insulting words is all part of the plan. If you are facing one of these abusive debt collectors, keep your cool and contact an experienced consumer attorney who litigates these types of cases.

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