Debt Collector Brachfeld Sues Law School


We spoke recently about how we, as consumer lawyers who sue debt collectors, have been threatened with lawsuits by debt collectors and debt collector lawyers told us we are like the mafia. Following this concept, Brachfeld Law Group, a rather infamous debt collector, has sued a law school that runs a consumer clinic.

The idea of the lawsuit, supposedly, is that the law school and the professor running it are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and are improperly suing (Brachfeld I suppose) and asking for attorney fees.

We have sued Brachfeld a number of times. This type of attitude doesn’t surprise me.

You have to love the argument of Brachfeld:

“Maybe what they’re doing is perfectly legal, but they won’t tell me how. All my research indicates that it’s not,” attorney Jonathan Birdt tells Courthouse News.

Debt collector strategy changes but this is an old favorite — when you get sued, turn around and file what (in my opinion) looks like a completely bogus suit back against the lawyers.

They desparately want consumers to not know what your rights are and for you to not have access to lawyers who can help you.

The solution? Keep suing the abusive debt collectors — it is an admirable thing to do when they break the law.


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