Portfolio Recovery Associates – Do They Use Auto Dialers?


We recently sued (as we often do) Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA). This time it was for repeatedly and illegally calling our client’s cell phone while using an auto dialer and/or a pre-recorded message. This is illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Much to my surprise, PRA claims that it does not have an auto dialer. I find this amazing and frankly not believable.

If you have either experienced an auto dialer from PRA or if you have clients that have, please contact me (205-879-2447) as I would like to see how this plays out at the deposition of the corporate representative.

If it turns out this statement is incorrect (and it can’t be an accident – PRA knows whether it has an autodialer system) then it will be very enlightening to us on the credibility of PRA.

We appreciate it your help…


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