Poll Shows Most Consumers Don’t Understand FDCPA Rights


The California Debt Blog has posted an article about a recent poll that shows most consumers don’t know or fully understand the rights they are entitled to under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The results of the poll showed:

-Only 25% of respondents were familiar with the FDCPA;
-10% of respondents think that consumers have too much protection;
-Over 40% of respondents had been contacted by a debt collector in the past 5 years;
-Almost 90% of respondents said that the debt collector did not inform them of their rights;
-Only a quarter of respondents were treated respectfully by the debt collector;
-Almost half of the people said that they were threatened in some way by the collector;
-More than three quarters of people were contacted by the collector after telling the collector not to call them.

It’s important to remember that once you tell a debt collector to quit calling you, they are required to. If they then threaten you then it’s a debt collection violation and grounds for a harassment lawsuit.

Debt collectors, not all of them, but a large number, do not seem to care about the law. The reasons: it is hard for the government to enforce and few individuals want to enforce their rights. They are usually intimidated and pushed into letting the debt collector run roughshod over them.

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