Palisade Sued Again By Consumer Who Won Her Collection Lawsuit Filed By Palisades


We have filed numerous lawsuits against Palisades (a prominent debt buyer which sues hundreds of Alabama consumers a month). Palisades lost its collection lawsuit against our client but for some unexplainable reason refused to delete its account from her credit report. Not only did it refuse to delete the account (after the Judge said she did not owe any money to Palisades) but Palisades continued to update her account on a regular basis making it appear that she still owed the money even as recently as this year. In addition, Palisades send the debt out to a collection agency so that the collection agency could attempt to force her to pay the money that a Judge said she did not owe.

As we are blogged about in the past, there is an epidemic in Alabama of debt buyers suing people who do not owe any money to the debt buyer. As if this was not bad enough, the debt buyers refuse to correct their credit reports. The excuse we have always heard is that the debt buyers sue so many consumers in Alabama that they cannot be expected to know who they have sued; much less who has beat the debt buyer in the suit. In this particular case, it is interesting that the debt buyer Palisades lost its case against our client in late 2006, but yet in 2008, it was still reporting the debt as being owed and has referred it out even this year to a collection agency to collect this money from our client. This certainly cast great doubt upon the claims that it simply takes a while for a debt buyer to know when it has lost the case even though the law says that as soon as the debt buyer has lost the case, it is absolutely charged with that knowledge.

If you would like to read the complaint, you can do so by clicking here and reading the pdf version of the filed complaint from our website. If you have been sued by a debt buyer and won your case (verdict for defendant, dismissal or dismissal with prejudice) then we strongly urge you to check your credit reports and if the debt buyer is still listed on there, please feel free to contact us for additional information on what your options are at this point.

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