“How easy is it to beat Velocity Investments LLC in Alabama?”

"How easy is it to beat Velocity Investments LLC in Alabama?"
Velocity Investmenst LLC is a debt buyer/debt collector out of New Jersey.  They claim to buy debt and then they sue in Alabama on about 10% of the debts they collect.  The other 90% are collected without a lawsuit.


The complaint is the document that starts the lawsuit, and it states who is suing you, what county they’re suing you in, and how much they’re suing you for.

Without the complaint, there is no lawsuit.  So the complaint starts the collection lawsuit.


“Global Collection Agency is trying to collect a Velocity Investments, LLC debt that was last paid on in 2007. Can they do this?”

Can Global Collection Agency collect on a Velocity Investments debt that was last paid in 2007?Ultimately, this boils down to a statute of limitation issue, and the FDCPA, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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