Overview of Alabama Foreclosures and Ejectment Lawsuits


As Birmingham, Alabama, foreclosure defense attorneys, we have put a lot of information on the internet about foreclosures in Alabama.

We have videos, articles, and books on the subject. We hold educational seminars and classes here in Alabama and across the country for other lawyers on this subject.

We know the best way for us to help understand your situation with an Alabama foreclosure is to meet with you in person.

But . . . we also know that you are getting bombarded with offers to help. Some legitimate. Some not so legitimate.

It is wise to be skeptical.

So, we recently created a page with a lot of information, and links to videos, on many of the issues and questions that come up regarding an Alabama foreclosure and the lawsuit after a forclosure — called an ejectment lawsuit.

We hope you find this useful and, if you live in Alabama, let us know if we can help you.

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