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We ran across a recent blog post on the Trial Lawyer Resource Center blog site that summed up our feelings on the frivolous multimillion lawsuit that was recently tried in Washington DC over a pair of pants. The post was entitled, Crazy Pants Lawyer get Zero: The System Works.

The post makes the point that, while our system of justice is not perfect, it does work. At the end of the day, the plaintiff in that case had the right to file the lawsuit, a bad lawsuit, just like we all have the right to say or do something stupid. However, he did so at his own risk. The case was tried, he had his day in court and the judge found that his case had no merit and, in addition, ordered that he pay the court costs for the defendants.

Few would argue that that was not the correct outcome, though it is not always easy to actually know what the real facts are. One need look no further than the Duke Lacrosse case to see just how fast the facts of a case can be distorted from the media and by outsiders. It didn’t take long for many in media and public to convict those players. However, the system ultimately worked, though slowly.

The truth is that there are frivolous lawsuits filed. However, the system takes care of those like it did in the DC pants case. As trial lawyers, we evaluate cases based on what potential jurors would do with the case. Most lawyers don’t file frivolous cases because they know that jurors and judges will throw them out of court.

In the end, the system does work. A consumer justice lawyer, Joe Watkins, summed up the verdict in favor of the dry cleaners and the harm these type cases can have on our justice system when he said, “the suit itself was ludicrous. As an attorney for 30 years I am aware of the dangers that this type of sensationalism can generate. The general public cannot help but be engrossed in its details. Now that the decision has been reached, the general public can bask in what is just another example of the Civil Justice System accurately and fairly working for us all,” said Watkins. To read the post click here.

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