One Benefit Of Suing Debt Collectors – They Tend To Not Want To Talk To You Again…


There are many reasons why you would want to sue an abusive debt collector. Here is one that we have known about for some time but we are seeing more and more confirmation of it:

When you sue a debt collector there are companies that will put your name in a database (along with my name….I think they must have a long list under “Watts” and “Herring”) and then they sell that database to collectors and debt buyers. The reason is for the debt collector or debt buyer to get rid of you because you might sue again.

Check out this website – Webrecon. In their own words (and what a clever business move – got to give them credit there!):

WebRecon LLC’s FDCPA Litigant Alert empowers you to protect yourself from overly-litigious debtors by allowing you to compare FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA litigants nationwide with debtors in your own database. Find out immediately if you are collecting against anybody with a history of suing collection agencies.

We give you four different tools to do this.

Our searchable database of over 32,000 FDCPA, FCRA & TCPA cases will help you find individual litigants, defendants or consumer attorneys.
Upload your list of debtors to be crosschecked against our database for an instant display of matches. Scrub an unlimited number of accounts!
We’ll give you a spreadsheet of the more than 500 new FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA lawsuits filed twice monthly.
You will be immediately notified if your name appears on any of the more than 30 consumer rights web sites we monitor daily.
Warning: If you are not a member of the collection industry, what we offer
here is not available to you. This service is for industry professionals only.

How will this benefit you directly and immediately?

By knowing who is filing FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA cases, you can check them against your database and if you find a hit, act accordingly. A smart agency will look at those accounts and make a decision among several options including A) return them to the creditor, B) close them, C) immediately file suit, or D) hand them to their most experienced collector to be processed with extra care, knowing the debtor is prone to sue collection agencies.
By knowing which “consumer rights” attorneys are most prolific, as well as which courts and judges hear the most cases, you can monitor trends and use that knowledge to decide if you are doing everything you can to protect yourself from being targeted.
By knowing when and where your business is being discussed on the consumer web sites, you can pre-empt impending traps, lawsuits and even class action recruiting missions by being aware of the situation and heading it off by whatever means are necessary.

Here is the cost which seems very reasonable to me:

Here is the best part – we haven’t even talked about cost yet. There is another company that sells just FDCPA case listings for $1595/year. That equates to $132.92/month.

WebRecon’s FDCPA Litigant Alert is much less, a bargain at only $99 per month, and you get much more useful information. They only provide FDCPA case information. We combine FDCPA cases with FCRA & TCPA cases, because there is a high likelihood that once somebody sues under them, it is inevitable that they will also sue under FDCPA when they get the chance.

Also, knowing who is filing suit and who is being sued is only half the battle. We go a huge step further by providing intelligence from the consumer web sites. Knowing when and how the enemy is scheming against you will give you crucial information to help protect yourself.

I like the “scheming” part. Something I’m sure collectors never do….

America is truly the land of opportunity – here a collection agency owner figured out this was a better business model to service other collectors rather than having his own collection agency.

So, if you sue a collector you might just make it on Webrecon’s database. Not a bad thing.

Remember, if you are dealing with abusive debt collectors who are leaving illegal voice mails, calling third parties, or suing you, contact us as we have special free reports for you to provide you with the more knowledge so you can determine if you want to sue the collector. And make Webrecon’s list….

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