New Video – Why Do Abusive Debt Collectors Call Third Parties?


With the economic slowdown, we are seeing more and more abusive debt collectors calling co-workers, neighbors, family members, and others in order to collect debts. These bill collectors know this is illegal but they do it for one simple reason:

It Works!

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Nothing is quite as effective as applying pressure to an innocent third party. Some favorite targets of collection agencies that willingly break the law:

1. Neighbors (“block parties”);
2. Co-workers (“office parties”);
3. Family members;
4. Preachers/ministers/pastors;
5. Ex-spouses, inlaws, etc; and 6. Anyone else that the collector knows will let you know that the collector has called.

We recorded a short video on this subject that you are welcome to watch. Be sure and get our free report on how to make collectors pay for illegal third party contacts – this lays out step by step what you should do.



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