New Testimonials About Watts & Herring


You can read testimonials from former clients on our website and wanted to mention a few new ones that might interest you.

Sue was dealing with a debt collector who broke its settlement agreement with her and then sued. We defended the lawsuit and sued the debt collector in federal court.

Jamie involved one of the largest debt collectors in the nation who used abusive language against Jamie and also mocked Jamie for her religious beliefs. We sued the debt collector in federal court.

Caressa was sued by a debt buyer, won her case, and then we sued the debt buyer in federal court for bringing a bogus “shakedown” lawsuit against her and putting false credit report information on her credit reports.

Finally, Josh was threatened over an old debt — he was told it would be credit reported even though the time limit to credit report had long expired. He was also called illegally on his cell phone by the collector with an “auto dialer” or “robo dialer”. We sued the collector in federal court.

It is always our pleasure to represent good folks like these. We hope you take the testimonials above and are encouraged by them that even when things look bleak, you can educate yourself and then take the right action to change your situation.

John Watts Stan Herring
ps — We know you know this but we’ll say it again — past results do not indicate that you will have the same success in your case. Each case is different and must be evaluated differently.

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