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We ran across a website that was just recently launched. It is run by a non-profit organization called the Identity Theft Resource Center and describes itself as follows: credit%20card%20image.jpg

Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is, a nonprofit, nationally respected organization dedicated exclusively to the understanding and prevention of identity theft. The ITRC provides consumer and victim support as well as public education. The ITRC also advises governmental agencies, legislators, law enforcement, and businesses about the evolving and growing problem of identity theft.

The site also provides a fairly accurate description of identity theft, which may be helpful to you as well:

Identity Theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal identifying information (PII) such as Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers and uses them for their own personal gain. This is called ID Theft. It can start with lost or stolen wallets, pilfered mail, a data breach, computer virus, phishing, a scam, or paper documents thrown out by you or a business (dumpster diving). This crime varies widely, and can include check fraud, credit card fraud, financial identity theft, criminal identity theft, governmental identity theft, and identity fraud.

You can access the website by clicking here.

Though we have only studied the site briefly, it appears to be an in-depth resource for addressing identity theft issues. The “ITRC Corporate Overview” portrays two particularly compelling stories about how drastically and dramatically identity theft can affect one’s life. The first is a story about how a young boy’s identity was stolen after his estranged father came back into his life. It was only after he began applying to college and was repeatedly turned down for admission and school loans, that he learned what had happened.

Another resource for you is to join our Facebook Fan Page – Alabama Consumer Protection Attorneys where we share useful information about the same types of issues that we cover in this blog.

This site is a good reminder that Identity Theft is a fast-growing crime that affects thousands of individuals every year. One thing that stood out to us is the length of time and enormous amounts of energy victims of identity theft have to exert in order to clean up their identities. For example, it took one of the individuals who shared his story on the website over six years to clean up his credit.

In addition to visiting this site, you can also learn more about correcting your credit and steps you can take if you have difficulty correcting your credit by visiting our website at .

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