New Consumer Protection Article On Illegal Voicemails From Bill Collectors To Cell Phones


We recently published a new article on our consumer protection website answering the question “Can a bill collector call my cell phone and leave a voice mail?

In general the answer is “sometimes” but normally the collection agency will violate the law.

We have previously discussed illegal voicemails and everything we said there also applies to cell phones (request our free report if you don’t already have it) so the main thing we want to point out here is that using auto-dialers (computer generated calls) are normally illegal. They violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act unless the debt collector can show that you gave permission to call your cell phone.

We have sued a large number of collectors for violating the TCPA when making collection calls to cell phones and we have not yet seen a time where the defendant collection agency could show it had permission to use an auto dialer.

If you are dealing with a debt collector calling your cell phone and if you live in Alabama, please feel free to contact us for assistance in making the collector stop breaking the law.

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