New Articles on FDCPA and VA Pension/Medicaid


We have several new articles we wanted to share with you:

*What is a technical violation of the FDCPA against an abusive debt collector? Hint: any violation that applies to someone else — or at least that is what the defense lawyers for debt collectors believe. 🙂

*Can you still recover mental anguish or emotional distress damages from an abusive debt collector even if you have previously suffered from depression or anxiety? The answer is yes — it all depends on whether you were harmed by the collector. Where you “start out” at is simply that — we look to see if wherever you were before you were abused by the collector is different than where you were after you were abused. If it harmed you, then you should be able to recover money damages.

*What if you plan to qualify for (and do qualify for) VA pension benefits but then you need to go into a nursing home — how do you pay for the nursing home? We discuss several options you have to take care of this situation — it is never good to have to go in a nursing home but you do have options.

*Why would you ever NOT apply for Alabama Medicaid benefits for your parent if they have to go in a nursing home? Sometimes waiting, and not applying, can save your family tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

*Can you, as a veteran, get both service related benefits (disability) and non service related benefits (pension) at the same time? No but there is a way to use both of these benefits — if you qualify — to put yourself in the best position.

*Surviving spouses of veterans (widows or widowers) are eligible for the VA Pension even if their veteran spouse did not apply for or did not receive the benefits. This is a common mis-understanding that keeps many eligible surviving spouses from receiving these important benefits — benefits that can be over $1100 a month tax free.

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