New Article On Why Using Certified Mail Is So Important When Dealing With Debt Collectors Or Credit Agencies


We sometimes face the question of “Do I really have to spend five bucks on certified mail with the green card coming back” when our clients are mailing dispute letters to credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, etc) or to debt buyers (Midland, LVNV, Unifund, etc) or collection agencies (AmSher, NCO, etc). The answer is YES!

We explain this in more detail in our new article on this subject but the basic reason is proof. Proof the person or company you are sending the letter to actually received it. If it is important enough to send, spend the five dollars to make sure they get it.

Please feel free to contact us particularly if you are dealing with abusive debt collectors or credit reporting agencies who will not correct false credit information.

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