Man Tries to Steal 130 Million Credit Card Numbers


The Associated Press has posted an article about a man from Miami, Albert Gonzalez, who has reportedly tried to steal 130 million credit card numbers. “The one-time government informant” is being charged with the largest case of credit and debit card data theft in the nation’s history…on top of another 40 million numbers that he previously stole.

Gonzalez used to work for the US Secret Service as an informant responsible for tracking hackers, which is ironic because

…the agency later found out that he had also been working with criminals and feeding them information on ongoing investigations, even warning off at least one individual, according to authorities.

Two Russian co-conspirators also joined Gonzalez in attempting to hack into corporate computer networks to leave malware that would give them access to steal data. They targeting major companies such as 7-Eleven Inc, the grocery store chain Hannaford Brothers, Co. Inc, as well as a New Jersey based card-payment processor named Heartland Payment Systems.

He is already in jail on other hacking charges and could face up to 20 years for this particular sentence. Other charges against him include hacking into the servers of Barnes and Noble, TJ Maxx, Office Max, Sports Authority and the restaurant chain Dave and Buster’s.

If convicted, Gonzalez could face a life sentence for those charges as well as 20 years for the recent charges.

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